Our Model of Change

How we create change:

In developing our leaders, we immerse a fresh class of our young students in an intensive leadership training that transforms their worldview. Equipped with tangible skills and service programs to implement in their communities, these youth leaders are challenged to initiate and organize community development projects after their training. This experience shifts their behavior and attitudes and, over time, a small group of strong leaders emerge. These leaders are further developed, evaluated, and finally recruited to under a 5-month Train-the-Trainer. Some of these new trainers form the Nouvelle Vie’s organizational leadership, and receive further professional training in management and development to bring Nouvelle Vie to programmatic and financial sustainability.

How we measure change:

We measure our impact using a developmental model of leadership development – our greatest mark of success is the creation and implementation of new community service initiatives by our youth leaders, their progress and certification as trainers, and the financial and programmatic sustainability of our Haitian team’s work.

We interview our youth leaders and videotape and photograph their work. They report on the participation in workshops and projects, and ┬ádevelop case studies based on interviews with their students, and their students’ families and peers. We are continually seeking improved, more objective ways of measuring our impact, which match the educational capacity of our youth leaders and the realities of working in Haiti.